This website is a work in progress

I'm actually searching an internship (front-end), contact-me if you have a need.

& Future Front-end Developer !

Hello, I'm a senior web designer learning to code!

I've worked on many projects and it is the time for me to become a front-end developer.
I joined the Coding-Academy (by Epitech) to become one.
I'm actually searching for an internship for me to practice what I've learned during my formation.



With 15+ years of activity in the web-design world, I sure know some tricks.


From employee to manager of a small team I know how to integrate one.


I already know where my passion is. I love the web and its ever-changing world.


I love the feeling of beginning a long process with a team. I cheerish that.


I am always interested in deepening my knowledge through exchanges or self-training.

Team Player

After working on many places with many differents people, I know how to adapt.


Here's a presentation of differents projects made during my formation.


Hey, if you liked what you saw, don't hesitate to contact me ;)